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Sonia Boutaghane

bonjour !

For me, people are always the focus. Appreciation, respect and acceptance, authenticity, self-congruence, will and perseverance, active listening and creativity are my strengths as a corporate mentor.


After my first experience as an engineer worldwide, I mainly worked in project management in Switzerland. Over the past few years, I have transitioned from this leadership role to an empowering facilitator servant leader role, guiding teams on their journey to personal competency, shared leadership, psychological security, and a learning organization.


As a relaxation and mental coach I lead mindfulness workshops. 

As an experienced fitness instructor, I lead strength, endurance and balance courses.

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Work experience

Work experience

4 years as a relaxation and mental coach 

15 years as a group fitness instructor

3 years as Scrum Master  

14 years as project leader 

6 years as a telecommunications engineer

Primary and Further Education

Swiss company mentor 

Certificate as a solution-focused process facilitator

Resource-Oriented Coaching Certificate 

Diploma Relaxation & Mental Coach 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course 

Swiss federal certificate for adult trainers

Certificates Touch for Health & Brain Gym

Certificate Group Fitness Instructor 

Dipl. business informatics & telecommunications engineer

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